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At the border of contemporary art and design, nOlita is a swing-sculpture that can be installed outdoors thanks to its thermo-colored seat, but also inside: several collectors have integrated it in their living room as a mobile seat.

Each piece is UNIQUE. Its strong personality redefines a space and captures attention. Thanks to its patented and silent german hook system, its installation is very easy to implement.

nOlita is available in black, white, but also in many colors. Other formats are available on request. More than 47 meters of high-quality polypropylene ropes are required for each piece.


Size: 107 cm x 30 cm

Weight 13.5 kg


Now exhibited in :

PARIS  at Concept-Store Archives 18-20, rue des Archives (Marais)

MARSEILLE at Villa Cap Arts Gallery

MILANO  at TID – The Interior Design Gallery


Has been exhibited in :

New York at Salomon Arts Gallery – performance

Miami D-Konceptstore during Miami Art Basel

Berlin at Cashmere and Pearl

Berlin at LNFA, Concept Store, Bikini Berlin, one of the 10 most beautiful concept-store in the World according to Vogue