About her


Ingrid SOL LECCIA was born in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1968.

While everything intended her for a painter’s career, she meets in 2006 the famous Sculptor René Broissand who passed into her his passion for metal. She will work with him in his studio during several years.

The first pieces are galva painted, then she got acquainted with steel, copper, aluminum, and finally with stainless steel.

However, she did not want to be a prisoner of the metal: ” sculpture allowed me, above all, to widen my creative space. Releasing it from painting, it was to be released from a defined space.

What interests me above all it is to leave the material to go towards the object. The process is often slower but it allows to arrest in depth the various used materials. Then things are almost instinctively set up. Sculpture it is before anything else a question of balance and rhythm. “

To understand the work of her “rolled up” it is necessary to imagine her folding long 6 meters bars  in the strength of her hands, her arms and legs. This “hand-to-hand fight” gives birth to a a dance, a rhythm. The balance of her sculptures likes at the same time of their power and their femininity.

She also works on the theme of organic architecture, a current which takes from the forms of the nature the idea of some of its structures and articulation.

Alberto Giacometti said: a sculpture must be able to like in a box of match. Her models are as in the palm of the hand before being realized in monumental.

She received several prizes and rewards. Her work is regularly exhibited in France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

Her work can be seen in particular collection in Europe, Asia and United States.

She works at present on the realization of various projects in her Studio situated in the French Alps – between Annecy and Geneva.